Don't Forget to Celebrate!

If you're reading this then you should be celebrating!

Why? Because you're alive!

Seriously? Yes, I'm serious. I know it sounds corny but, think about it. No matter what's going on in your life right now, you're still here and that's amazing.

At some point yesterday did you find yourself thinking, "Ugh, how am I going to get through another day like this?" By some miracle, you did! You are here today!

You may not be feeling great…in fact, I know most of the spoonies out there aren't but, you made it through when you weren't sure you could and that's worth celebrating! Even if it's just a happy dance inside your mind because you're too tired to actually get out of bed.

I love personal development and I'm always implementing some new strategy, mental reframe, or habit. Which is great, most of the time.

The "problem" is that sometimes I'm so focused on improving that I don't even realize how far I've come.

Since I didn't notice it, I didn't celebrate my growth!

I was talking to my friend and coach when it dawned on me that my health has improved more than I realized! Yes, I still have a long way to go before I'm completely healed but, a month ago I told her I just wanted to have the energy to go to the store and cook my own food. And after staying in a new environment for a month and going through another detox, I've been able to do that! DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITING THAT IS??? And I didn't even notice because the growth was so gradual.

So, please. Stop for a moment.

There's something in your life that you could be celebrating but, aren't. Find it and celebrate! Because we need that joy in our hearts to keep us going each day.

Like if you agree! I'm sending joyful, celebratory energy your way!

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