Gratitude Practice

Crazy how simple that sounds, right?

Psychology research has shown that people with a grateful disposition experience more life-satisfaction, better sleep and vitality, and more optimism! Sign me up, please!

If having a "practice" sounds like it's going to take a lot of time and effort, don't worry.

Practice just means we get to keep trying until we're good at it. The purpose of a practice is to create a habit that supports us and our well-being.

I like to write down what I'm grateful for at night so I can go to bed feeling content with my life. This sets me up to sleep well and wake up peaceful and ready to start the day.

Some days there's not enough space in my planner for all of my gratitudes, other days I write something down simply because it is my practice. It is my habit to recognize and appreciate the experiences I have in my life.

Last night I simply wrote, "I'm grateful for rest." Simple does not equal inadequate or mean you're not grateful. Whatever you write down is perfect for you because it's what you actually appreciate about your life.

That's what I love about a gratitude practice, it can be tailored to you!

It can be fun and it certainly doesn't have to feel like work.

You can use a special journal and pens if you want or write it on a piece of paper or a note in your phone.

You can write one thing or three things.

You can say why you're grateful for it or how you contributed to it.

The point is that you're connecting to the feeling of gratitude because that's how you'll cultivate a deep satisfaction with your life.

Let's practice together, tell me one thing you're grateful for and why in the comments! ๐Ÿ™

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