You can help as you are.

You can help as you are.

The most inspiring thing about the chronic illness community is how by sharing our journeys, we help others.

It's a common reaction at times to think, "I can't help anyone because I'm too sick." Or to put it off until the future, "I'll be able to do something meaningful once I'm better." Or even, "Who would want to learn from me, I don't have my life together??" Stop. Right. There.

The idea that we can only learn from people who have everything figured out is false. I'm a human. You're a human. Everyone we're learning from is human. And we're learning a whole lot from embracing and celebrating our humanness!

I used to think to be a coach I'd have to have my life "together." You know, the life where I'm never stressed, work just enough, and come home to the perfect partner every evening where we eat an organic, home-cooked meal.

This is not the case! The truth is that in the coaching dynamic, it's really about two people coming together on an equal playing field, as two human beings. I come to you as I am. What's unique is that I'm showing up with the one and only purpose of supporting you!

I don't have to be some "holier-than-thou" person to help you. And you don't have to be completely healed to help someone else.

It doesn't matter where you are in your journey, you can help someone.

You may not even know that you've helped them. It could just be something you say one day - something that seems totally random to you - a heart, a like, a 'thanks for sharing, it totally resonates!' - but means the world to them.

You don't have to be healed to help someone. In every situation, it's two people coming together. If we wait until we're perfect and healthy to help others, well, no one would ever get help! And, no one would need any help!

To all my chronic illness peeps out there, I applaud you! I celebrate how much support you give to others by showing up to life each day.

Leave a heart below if you've helped or been helped by someone who's not completely healed (aka someone who's human).❤️❤️

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