Ever feel bummed out, disappointed, or blah? Yeah, me too. It sucks. Especially when you just had a good day.

Yesterday, I felt amazing. I had gotten some stuff marked off my to-do list and felt energized and joyful! 😁 Just the way I like to feel.

Today is not like yesterday. I woke up feeling worn out. 😑You know, that overall "blah" feeling.

And that frustrates me. I want another awesome feeling day. Who doesn't, right?

So, what do I do? I pay attention to how I'm talking to myself and remind myself that every day is not the same. This helps me cope with the ups and downs of healing and of life.

Last night I got to witness a lightning storm. ⚡ I was excited to see the beauty and power of nature. Then it turned into a tornado and hit some areas with damaging winds. And then, it ended.

Nothing stays the same. Today I choose to find comfort in that. I always look for the light and am grateful for what I do have and how much progress I've made. Even in the tiredness that is today, I'm grateful I can listen to my body and rest. I'm grateful I have another opportunity to practice using a healthy mindset.

I have a free download just for you! See my resource page to get the 3 steps I use to cultivate a positive mindset! It's something I'm always practicing.

Remember, there is light if you look for it. Sending light and healing energy to each of you!

P.S. The picture of lightning is from last night! Can't believe I managed to get a shot of it!

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