Make your own choices to thrive

Sometimes I don't know who or what to believe. For every person saying, "This is the truth." there's another one saying, "No, it isn't."

So, I listen. To all sides.

It may feel overwhelming. I'll admit, taking in so much certainly can feel like a wave crashing over me. But, when I sit with all of the conflicting information, I begin to feel my truth. I feel it in my heart.

Sometimes it's a truth that's very different than what's real for those around me. So I might still have some flutters of nervousness but the truth is inside, an incredibly strong force that can not be denied.

To deny that truth would mean stuffing myself in a box to make myself small for the sake of others. It would mean denying the wisdom that God has gifted me with. It would mean giving in to what's untrue. And I just can't do that anymore.

To live a thriving life, I must stand firmly in my truth. Even if it is uncomfortable at times. Are you willing to do it with me?

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