Positive Psychology at Bustle

Positive Psychology at Bustle

This week I got to share some positive psychology in a @Bustle article by #KristineFellizar!

We all make judgments about other people and even ourselves. I help normalize this experience by explaining that our brains are wired to do it in order to keep us safe.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share what I learn with others! One quote at a time!

From the Bustle article:

"The main reason we judge others (and even ourselves!) is because our brain is wired to keep us safe," Kellie Zeigler, certified applied positive psychology practitioner, tells Bustle. "It wants stability and certainty, so it makes quick judgments to help us do that." For example, when your brain judges someone and labels them "rude," you'll know to stay away from them in the future so you don't get hurt.

I want to elaborate a bit more to clarify that just because our brain is using a label to judge someone does not make it an accurate label. It's normal for our brains to make quick judgments because in life-threatening situations, a snap decision could be the difference between life and death. I went on to say that while you might label them as rude and want to avoid them in the future, that kind of snap judgment isn't always suitable in regular situations. There's the possibility that when you take time to fully examine the situation you'll see that the other person didn't mean to be rude or were upset about something not related to you.

If you'd like to read the full article by Kristine Fellizar about How People Judge Your Personality, According to Research you can check it out here.

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