Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping

Using acupressure points to feel better now. 



Tapping is the common term for the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

It uses light tapping on certain points of the body that correspond to acupressure points in order to release stress or other emotions like frustration, anger, fear, or sadness. You can use tapping to release tension in your body, get into a more relaxed state, and create more of the feelings you want to experience.

Our bodies are incredibly adaptive and most of us have gotten so used to walking around with a low level of tension and stress that it feels normal.

We can use tapping to clear out this tension so that we become more present to the current state of our mind and body and can feel calmer and more ease in our day to day experience. It is also a useful tool for immediately regulating intense spikes in emotion which enables you to calm down and get clear on what actions to take next.

Tapping can help you release physical and emotional issues.

I use tapping in individual 30 minute sessions and in 40 minute workshops.

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Hi there! I'm Kellie.

I used tapping to increase my energy when dealing with health issues.

Now, I use it daily to stay energized, clear unwanted emotions, and focus on what I want. 

It's possible to feel better.

Tapping can help. 

Together we'll tap away what's been bothering you so you can get clear on what you want to feel instead. 

Sound good? 

IMG_20190813_102244 (3)

Wondering what tapping is like?

They did, too.

See what they're saying now:

A sense of peace

"Initially when we started, I was feeling incredibly anxious about some things happening in my life. As we tapped and said the statements together, I felt like the anxiety was getting bigger and bubbling up inside me but we kept going and then it was like a wave of peace washed over me. I felt relief. Thank you!"

-J. O., Clinical Therapist

It actually works

"I honestly wasn't sure about tapping, it seemed a bit out there to me but, I had just been through some upsetting experiences and I was willing to give it a try. To my surprise, I immediately started to feel different while we were tapping. It was pretty cool! It felt very soothing and I left feeling way more relaxed than I've felt in a long time! "

-K. R., Yoga Instructor

Clarity for next steps

"Going into the tapping workshop with Kellie, I was feeling stressed about a decision I've been trying to make. It's been this low-level annoying thing in the back of my mind for awhile so I decided to try tapping. Focusing on how I had been feeling felt more intense at first but as we continued, I began to feel more calm. Kellie's voice is very soothing so I feel like that helped, too. She also got me to think about how I wanted to feel instead which I really appreciated seeing as I was so focused on how I didn't want to feel before. Getting rid of the anxious feeling has helped me to be able to clearly see all the options I have and knowing how I want to feel is like the guiding force to get me there. Highly recommend trying out tapping with Kellie!"

-L.E., Clinical Social Worker

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