What do you need?

"Idk, I haven't really thought about it." That's what she said when I asked her what she needed to support her right now.

It's a question we don't ask ourselves enough. So, I'm asking you, what is it that would support you right now? Not "what to do you need to-do?" What do you need?

Do you need a nap? A hug? Do you need to text a friend and talk? Do you need to ask someone for help? Do you need to journal about a feeling that keeps coming up? Relax? Go for a walk? Cook your favorite meal? Schedule that acupuncture session? Meditate? Laugh?

What do you need to nourish your mind and body?

Take a moment today to be curious about yourself. Just a few minutes can open your eyes to something that will help nurture you.

I know I need to take a break from working today, go outside, and feel the sun on my skin!

Tell me what you need below! When we share ideas we help each other out. ๐Ÿ’–

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