Purple Flowers
Photo by Kellie Zeigler

The more I experience coaching (as the coach and client), the more I've come to see that coaching is powerful because it's not just about getting us from Point A to Point B. The container held between a coach and a client provides the space to explore questions about how we want to be in this world, what our lives would look like if things were a certain way, or what it would feel like if we approached life differently. What follows is a creative piece and, for me, it's an example of the deeper types of questions that when explored, when truly approached with curiosity, can lead to transformations in how we experience life every day.



What if it was gentler?
This path I choose to take.
What if it felt like the squish of ground beneath my bare feet?
What if it sounded like a squeal of glee erupting from deep within?
What if it looked like the smile that spreads across my sun-kissed face?
A joy that can't be faked.
What if instead of rough abrasive scrubbing everything "wrong" and "dirty" away,
A gentle cleanse with loving moisture was the way to take?
What if what seemed like magic, the miraculous, was actually everyday?
What if my path was gentler?
Is that something I would choose?
Or would I turn away and claim I had far too much to do?
I release a sigh and breathe this in: "Oh my path, it can be gentler."
There's no need to force what already is.
My path, it is gentler.

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